Weekly Inspirational Round-Up #1

Every HUMP DAY (Wed) I plan on doing some sort of inspirational round-up. This could be anywhere from photography, design, coding, or whatever peaks my interests. If you have something you’d like me to share or you think my readers would enjoy please send them to me. I will love you forever! :) tips@joesdaily.com

Marion Cotillard photographed by: Mikael Jansson

The elegance of this photo is what really makes it shine. I’m happy that the photographer didn’t choose to go with the cliché black and white photo that has it’s contrast cranked all the way up. Marion’s body is positioned beautifully in the shot. I’m digging the location of the photo as well. It reminds of me an old study in some old manor down south.

Sensual Lip Paintings by Sung Jin Kim

Korean artist Sung Jin Kim really loves lips, or at least he loved them enough to do a whole series of oil paintings focusing on just that part of the body. His series, Sensual Lips are absolutely stunning. You must check out the rest of them by clicking his name above. They’re truly amazing! I’d love to buy one for my place.

11-inch MacBook Air by Apple

This is easily one of my top inspirational things this week. Why you ask? Because I have one of these bad boys and I love it! I’ve been using it non-stop where ever I go. Super satisfied with the 11-inch size, speedie flash-storage, and vibrant screen. Absolutely perfect for blogging and making friends. Wherever I go I have people asking me what I think about it and whether or not it was worth every penny. It certainly was.

Golden Glow by Codie Westphall

Golden Glow is such a fantastic shot of the sky. It makes me wish everyday looked like this. How awesome would this picture be on the wall of your place?

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