Audition for American Idol on Myspace

Clever Myspace, real clever. In hopes of making a comeback to the [intlink id=”346″ type=”category”]Social Media[/intlink]¬†world, Myspace decided to do something cool. You can now audition for American Idol via Myspace. Kind of makes sense since News Corp owns both, right?

So if you’re interested in going on the show I recommend getting your act together soon. Videos must be submitted by October 6th. Each singer will have to choose from a specific song list, sing acapella, and keep it under 40 seconds.

The auditions will be judged similar to the ones done on the show. Highlights will appear on Idol’s Myspace page, and can be shared to your friends. You’d think that News Corp. would have thought of this sooner, since Myspace has been sinking in the Social filed for quite sometime. But at least they’ve caught on board. Better late then never.

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