Checkin+ for iPhone

While the app I am about to tell you about isn’t quite released yet, it should get all of you people out there who are addicted to checking into your every location pretty excited.

Checkin+ is an app that will allow you to connect both your Foursquare and Facebook accounts into one app. And while there are apps already that let you check in on multiple platforms, there hasn’t been anything quite like Checkin+.

Utilizing the augmented reality technology, CheckIn+ overlays current surroundings with places from major geolocation applications and this allows you to see each destination relative to real world as a live video image on your iPhone or iPad 2. Move around and you can see which places are nearby and how far away. Holding the phone vertically transforms map view into the augmented reality perspective.

Other features include:

  1. Share photos of your favorite places and leave comments for your friends
  2. View Friends activity stream
  3. See where are your friends on the map or in augmented reality
  4. Search for places nearby
  5. Add new places on Foursquare
  6. Gather loyalty points and rewards on Foursquare

Check out a review of the app in the video.

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