Cut the Rope Review

WARNING, addicting game alert!

Chillingo, the makers of famous game titles such as; Angry Birds, COGS, and Mini Gore, has created another highly addicting game. They teamed up with Zeptolab to create “Cut the Rope” and it’s gorgeous. The animation, graphics, and design are way superior then other games on the iTunes store.

The objective of the game is to feed the little guy that showed up on your door step, candy. Using physics you’ll cut ropes, use multi-touch, and challenge your wits. It’s looking to be another Angry Birds style addicting game.

You’ll also love the fact that you can see where your friends are at via the Apple Game Center. They’ve integrated it into most of their games now and are slowly filtering out the Crystal Game Network.

Get it for iPhone/iPod Touch ($.99)

Get it for iPad ($1.99)

[image via iTunes Store]

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