Do Celebrities have Twitter influence?

Do celebrities really have a huge impact in the Twitter-sphere? Survey says, not so much. One of the first celebrities analyzed was the original Twitter master, Ashton Kutcher.

A study done by Northwestern University has seen past Kutcher’s millions of followers and noticed very little interaction. Low interaction equals little influence. Most companies know the value of influence marketing. Facebook and Twitter are the staple of this and everyone from pizza shop owners to film studios are realizing the benefit of this. So why doesn’t someone like Ashton not influence his followers?

My theory is his followers just follow to be part of the crowd. Back when he was in a battle with Larry King for 1 million followers, Kutcher was trying to get as many followers as possible. Just because of the competition, many probably created accounts just to help him win. So the numbers don’t mean anything. If I was a writer for a certain niche I would probably have greater influence over any celebrity’s twitter. So why not skip the celebrity with millions of follower and focus on someone that knows his stuff and has a following specifically for that? Probably the same reason why film studios are still allowing Lindsay Lohan to push back movie shoots and changing locations. Whoever is the hottest in the media will always triumph.

What do you think? Do you think it’s okay for someone with a million followers to over power the little guy? Maybe the niche writers should get more credit and a piece of the money.

[via telegraph]

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