Do you know your Twitter Friend-Follower ratio?

Twitter is currently being used by millions of people all over the world. The micro social networking website generates 140 character messages for your pleasure. In just minutes you can find out what your favorite heiress is doing, (wiping her behind or making another sex tape) or discovering a famous Director/Writer such as Kevin Smith getting kicked off of his SouthWest airlines flight for being, “too fat”.

With all the excitement of Twitter the last few years, people of  all over have jumped on the bandwagon. Now isn’t it time to see where exactly you stand in this micro blog buzz?

I was curious how one would judge their standing with Twitter. Now I have a clear answer. The terminology being used is Friend-Follower Ratio. Why would this matter? Well let’s just say some have been using scheming to get their FOLLOWERS. The ratio will do a little math using your Friends and the amount of Followers you currently have.

Let’s break this down ——

If you are following 1200 people and only have 300 followers yourself it’s most likely that you are interested in Twitter for it’s information.

If you are a rockstar/actor/etc then you will probably have a friend-follower ratio like so – 80 friends, 1,002,343 followers. This is just an example but I’m sure you get the point.

If you are a SCHEMER then yours will most likely look like so – 3,343 friends, 3,503 followers. This is because the SCHEMERS are using websites that database friend for follow concepts. For example if I sign up for a website that schemes peoples follow counts it will not only have you followed but it will auto have your account follow the person that just added you. Make sense? If not I don’t care because I don’t recommend this concept.

If you want to learn your Friend-Follower Ratio on Twitter then go to this website. It’ll calcuate your ratio for you super fast. The website also works for other Twitter accounts as well so feel free to try and input your friends. It however won’t work for Private accounts unless you know that persons password.

If you want to see what my ratio currently looks like then checkout the image below.

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