Empire of the Sun: Walking on a Dream, really…no joke

Some people when hearing this name think of a movie with Christian Bale as a young english boy in Japan. Others think of swordfish women dancing, bright colors, acid trips, and an Emperor by the name Luke Steele. This amazing australian “theatrical” band might as well have written a movie. There are few bands that ever do this now, all of there music videos actual tell some type story that is open to interpretation. How would one categorize the music? You canʼt. From a good old ballad to a eclectic pop dance tune.

So what is the history behind the Emperor? His family is very musically inclined, really not shocking. Steele’s father, Rick, is a blues guitarist and harmonica player, Steele’s sister, Katy, is the vocalist of Little Birdy and Steele’s brother Jake, who joined The Sleepy Jackson in 2008 playing computer samples, and now plays keyboards for another band, Injured Ninja. Steele’s other brother Jesse was an original member of The Sleepy Jackson. An idea of the Emperorʼs family.

Now a quick tour of his musical empire. A clear favorite of his subjects is “Walking on a Dream,” it would be wrong not even mention this song first, itʼs our anthem. EOTS have many remakes and remixes to offer on the singles. Great example of that would be “Half Mast,” the original track is truly a contender, but once you hear “Half Mast (Slight Return)” one canʼt help it and admit how much more amazing it is. You get a little insight of who the Emperor is with “Tiger by my Side.” This song is inspired by his daughter, Sunny Tiger. This song really drives forward the whole spirit of the album, it changes the song for you once you know this little tidbit. The music videos are all in their own category. To keep it simple, check them all out. Personal favorite is “Half Mast (Slight Return), why? Personally, I love when someone makes a video and the story unfolds to what is being sung. You canʼt see the video without paying attention to the lyrics.

Like in any empire, turmoil has to be part of the scene. If you notice on the cover and some of the music videos, he has a partner to run the empire. He is known as Lord Littlemore, a very crucial piece in this empire. Sadly, the rumor mill has it that they are not talking. Will it put a hold on things? Who knows, but based on what we have seen recently, especially in the recent US tour, not likely. Emperor Steelʼs concerts only project a better future and much more to be seen. Should you have the chance to the see them live anywhere in this world, prepare yourself to be taken on the most fantastic voyage you have ever been n a concert. I dare say this, he is a modern Ziggy Stardust. The make up, costumes, his fellow band member on stage, ballerinas dancing to the beat of the music, and the lights takes everything beyond your imagination. You wonʼt regret seeing them live when they drop by in your neighborhood.

Oddly enough, many people have asked, What genre is it? I can only admit that trying to confine it in one genre is impossible and constricting. The array of sounds, beats, and lyrics fly everywhere. After you see all the music videos, that “genre” gets even more blurred. This is what we need more of in this world. As he travels and brings the music videos to life on stage one show at a time, he expands and grows his empire even more. One can only quote Emperor Steele, “We are the people of the world, a force running in every boy and girl. All rejoicing in the world. Take me now – We can try.”


Walking on a Dream, Standing on the Shore, With Out (New Version), Half Mast (Slight Return), Tiger by my Side.

Watch the video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eimgRedLkkU

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