How to Disable Facebook’s “Instant Personalization”

Facebook is at it again. Trying to find more ways to exploit your information you’ve provided them with. Such as survey clicks, artists you liked, or other things you may have done on Facebook. Last week they released a new set of features to websites like, Pandora, and Yelp. They claim it’s a great way to give a site the “Instant Personalization” directed towards you.

I would say most wouldn’t mind having this on since it’s typically harmless information being passed. However, I’m not quite sure I know EVERYTHING being passed about me. So I prefer the “Instant Personalization” feature turned off. Isn’t it annoying how they auto turn it on for you? Read below to find out how to turn it off completely or for selective websites.

Turn off “Instant Personalization” for a specific site:

To turn the feature off for just a specific site is actually really easy and painless. When entering the site, you’ll notice at the top of the page a Facebook style’d dropdown appears. It knows who you are and wants to know if you’d like the site to use the Facebook feature. If you say ‘No Thanks’ then that website will shut it off.

Block all sites from “Instant Personalization”:

So the feature is turned on by default by Facebook. Not cool. So here is how we turn it off for all sites. This is great if you prefer not to have the worry of your information being spread. I personally recommend this option until we know a little more about what sites plan on doing with this new feature.

So let’s disable this new feature. First you have to click on the “Account” button on the upper-right corner of your Facebook page. When the drop down appears, press “Privacy Settings”.

You should see a list of 5 options on the next page. We’re only concerned with one of them. However if you’ve never been to this section of Facebook I do recommend you explore a bit after this tutorial. Many options you may have never known about is on this page. For now, the one we want is the 3rd option in the center, “Applications and Websites”.

Hooray, we’re almost done. If you look towards the bottom you’ll see what we’ve set out to exterminate, “Instant Personalization”. Press the “Edit Settings” button horizontal to “Instant Personalization”.

The last thing you must do is uncheck the check box you see towards the bottom of the description of what the feature does. I do recommend read the paragraph they laid out for you. It puts a little insight about what you’re turning off and what it’s all about.

Success! We have completed the How-To. Feel better? I sure do. Knowing my information is somewhat safe again. I’m sure this feature will open the doors to many new cool features on the web. For now I’ll keep mine off and see what those potential features are as they begin to roll out.

Warning: Some of your information may still be sharable via your friends. So be aware that you can go into the “Privacy Settings” and adjust that.

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