HUF Pop-up Shop Now Open in LA

I’m pleased to announce that HUF’s LA pop-up shop is now open for business. You can find it located at the Hall of Fame store in Los Angeles. I’m really excited to see it in person as I’m sure the photos don’t do it justice. The project features a REMIO VTS installation along the stairwell wall, a surveillance camera centerpiece, a Colt 45 display, a HUF Plantlife Sock Vending Machine, and an interactive HUF mirror. They really nailed down the bodega feel by incorporating 20 motion-activated surveillance cameras set to follow customers as they browse the store. Creepy or cool?

I originally spotted HUF’s opening on Daren Metropoulos’s blog. Daren, along with his brother Evan Metropoulos, both own Pabst Brewing Company (Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee, Lone Star, Schlitz, and more). He was showcasing the opening to promote the PBR and Colt 45 decor throughout the shop. I must say, Colt 45 couldn’t look tastier next to one of REMIO’s pieces.

Here’s more info about the project:

On the side wall, HUF has repurposed a giant shop mirror into an interactive cigarette-ad-inspired installation, while the far wall boasts found, blown-up surveillance video grabs from a liquor store robbery. To top it off, the entrance to the pop-up shop houses a HUF Plantlife Sock Vending Machine. The REMIO VTS installation hints at an upcoming HUF x REMIO collaboration project, which can be expected to release among many other exclusive in-store drops over the two month period of the pop-up.

HUF Pop-Up Shop @ Hall of Fame // 449 N. Fairfax Ave. // Los Angeles // CA // 90036

Source: Daren Metropoulos Blog

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