Interpol: Lights

Finally breaking the silence, this 4 piece band releases on their website a glimpse of what we should expect on their 4th album. There have been opposing points of views coming from the band. Sam Fogarino, drummer, mentions that they will be revisiting their debut album. On the other hand, lead vocalist Paul Banks, says that it will not sound anything like their debut album and that there is some very “classical stuff going on” with it. Now we have a sample to judge for ourselves.

Lights is available to download on their website at Now, time to dismember the statements, the song, and the albums! So what is one to do to find similarities? Compare the damn songs! Starting from “Turn On the Bright Lights” immediately I found a similar song. This does not mean by default Sam is right. “Hands Away” did remind me of track in question, but thats just one song. One can hear influences of the first album, but I would not call that until I get to hear the entire fourth album. Vocal wise, I hear a lot of the second and third album. For example, “Narc” towards the end when Paul sings, “You should be in my space, you should be in my life,” its a hanging note and almost shouted out at you. “Lights” does not fall short from that at all.

Now about Paulʼs comment, I feel that the “classical stuff” comes from the last album, “Our Love to Admire.” I can see where he is going with that comment. I disagree with the part that the it will sound nothing at all like the first album. Again, this is just based on one song. In reality though, I do not understand why music artist sell short or undermine their own work when it comes to the first album. Maybe itʼs just me. The ambiance of the song does go back to the third album and the steady build ups. “No I in Threesome” is a perfect example of how the song starts of mellow and the energy starts to rise at a constant and gradual pace.

Frankly, it is a good track and really gets me thinking about what this fourth album has to offer. As much as we like to see that both statements contradict, truth be told, both are right. It does not revisit the first album. It revisits all three of them with a “classic” emphasis. So much expectation for a “classic” indie band. What look will Carlos D have? Will Kessler move as himself on stage when he plays? Does Sam plan to incorporate more of the first album in his drumming? How will Paul reinvent what they have done?

Regardless of what happens, we can rest assured it will be everything Interpol is known for…….or will it?

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