Must-Have Fall 2010 Accessories

Before Gossip Girl restricts me from leaving my living room for the next few months–grotesque, but true—there’s no better time to find new pieces to complement the closet for a lesser price.  Instead of going on a shopping spree, which I’ll still probably do, it’s minimum-wage-conscious to work in key accessories that can help turn your old closet into new looks.  Using 1970’s inspiration from recent runways, below are some simple ideas for a fall wardrobe transition:

Okay WAIT quick confession; I’m obsessed with the 60’s and 70’s.  How could you not be really?  I think it’s mostly because it would have given me the prime opportunity to spread herpes or drink while pregnant (not necessarily in that order), but for now I’ll settle with my simple fascination of the carefree music and clothing.  Anyaids, if John Lennon and Annie Hall had a fall 2010 accessories love child, I would die.  It’s a stretch, I know, but then again Snookie makes more money than me so anything could happen:

Fall 2010 Accessories

1. Minimal Feathers – From a one-feather earring to a necklace with feather detailing, a small amount can complete an outfit by giving it the much-needed whimsical feel

2. Vintage Hats – Floppy sun and felt top hats both finish any style with a gypsy vibe.  Perfect for days when you feel like this…

Sorry babe, there are some things plastic surgery can’t fix.

3.  Faux Fur – Because fur can be a bit over the top sometimes, a simple vest worn underneath a skinny belt is an easy solution.

4.  Riding Boots – Not only do lace-up boots apply to this category, but motorcycle and equestrian leathers are perfect for the days you don’t feel like tying your shoes.  Especially when you get to be my age…23.

5.  Round Shades – A little piece of Lennon! Come to me.

6.  Natural Tote – You can never go wrong with neutral tones!  In this case, doctor totes are also in style, which is perfect if you’re in need of a back-to-school bag.

7.  Animal Print – Be aware of the [intlink id=”8293″ type=”post” target=”_blank”]do’s and don’ts of animal print here[/intlink].  Minimal dosage is key and can be displayed through small accessories such as shoes, bras–that’s only slightly shown ones, mom—and handbags.

From PETA-friendly fur to lace-up boots and feathers everywhere in-between, you could only Imagine (such sly wordplay) the beautiful pieces to be worn.

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