My Top 5 iPad apps so far

So I have been playing with my iPad for a total of 3 days now and thought it would be nice to post my favorite Apps thus far. I’m only going to talk about 5 of them this go around because I’m sure I’ll have a ton more real soon as they start to flood the App Store.

The order I present the Apps have no relevance.

SketchBook Pro by AutoDesk – $7.99
The creators of Maya was smart creating this app for the iPad launch. Any artist would agree the program has a ton of potential. Whether your a concept artist or someone that just likes to doodle. The complexity can be great with it’s layer feature. It’s multiple touch interface you have the capabilities of roughing up a story board in seconds. What would you like to do after your artwork is complete?

Your options are:
• save it to your gallery
• email it off as a flattened image or a PSD to keep the layers

I’m sure as time progresses more options will unfold. As of right now Im happy I spent the $8 dollars.


GodFinger by NGMoco:) – FREE
Holy addiction. In GodFinger you play as, well, a “God” of sorts. Using your finger or fingers you control followers on your planet. As you level up you gain more followers and more responsibility. Building farms, wells, and much more will gain you XP to do more with your planet. The game plays flawlessly with no lag and no glitches. If this is the first of what’s to come for great gaming on the iPad then i’m real excited.

GodFinger is on the fabulous +Plus network. It’s a social network for gaming. I’m not sure how exclusive it is but for the Apple iPad, iPod, and iPhone family it’s perfect. Great way to play games with your friends.


ABC Player – FREE
Who doesn’t like to watch free tv? Specially when ABC has the hit tv show Modern Family and much more. The player is seamless. Load up the App and bam, Im watching Modern Family. Many would argue saying that this isn’t that special because you can do the same on a computer. I highly disagree. Having the iPad in bed, comfortable, is such a plus. Doesn’t get hot on my lap like a laptop would. It’s perfect. Let’s hope Hulu finds their way into the iPad market real soon.


WordPress – FREE
If it wasn’t for this App you wouldn’t be reading anything right now. My blogging service is WordPress and they made a fabulous app to go with the iPad launch. Like the iPhone version it still has some faults. I’m confident they will fix it. I can’t really be upset over it because it’s free and they work a ton on the online WordPress platform.

If by chance someone from the WP dev team reads this post I would love to request a few things in the future updates. The biggest would being able to control where my images are placed. Also being able to create links easier, etc. Other then that thanks for a great App! :)


Twitterific – FREE
Twitter is real important part of my day and I’m sure for my readers as well. Twitterific made a very useful Twitter App that takes advantage of the iPad’s massive screen. My favorite feature is when clicking on a TwitPic link you don’t get taken out of the App. It pops the picture up nicely.

I also downloaded TweetDeck to have something to compare to but It fell short in my opinion. TweetDeck at first glance looks nice because of how it displays your tweets, replies, and dm’s on one screen. However that wasn’t enough to hook me. It felt like the loading was slower and having all that open felt like too much.


I would love to read about your favorite iPad apps. Comment below and fill me in.
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