New York Fashion Week at a Glance

If you’re like me and spend more time in a cubicle dreaming of fashion instead of experiencing it on the runway here is a recap of three shows from some of my favorite designers featured in the 2011 Spring [intlink id=”8821″ type=”post” target=”_blank”]New York Fashion Week[/intlink].

Show #1: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has this amazing way of knowing exactly what looks beautiful on a woman’s body. He understands the movement of clothing and they way to express sex appeal without making you look like a whore. His 2011 collection is beautiful and could easily be worn right off the run way.

I would be shocked not to see the above dress worn during awards season. Classic, lovely, perfect.

Show #2: Diane von Furstenberg

Dresses and rompers and heels, oh my! The styles of DVF remind you of a vacation on an private island. Where a Mark Wahlberg look alike feeds you frozen grapes, while unlimited champagne pours in your glass and maybe your top starts to fall off and….Oh, sorry I’m drooling. In short DVF provides a relaxed, colorful style that is acceptable year round.

Show #3: Tory Burch

Now anyone who knows me well knows the recent purchase of my first Tory Burch bag was like water to a weary traveler. It made me (and my outfits) feel alive and new! Yes it’s just a purse, suck it. Tory’s collection this year had a taste of everything, from boho chic dresses, to tailored work apparel, accessories that are to die for to outfits you could wear on a romantic date in the city. Tory stays true to the style she’s perfected and for that, we thank her.

Though this is only a small taste of what to expect for spring I think we have lots to be excited about. So alas, another year dreaming of the parties and the fashion from behind my computer desk but those of us who love it will get there anyway we can. Cheers!

For more shows, styles and details from the 2011 Spring [intlink id=”8821″ type=”post”]NYFW[/intlink] visit:

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