Percey Striped Sassafras Glasses

I’m a stickler when it comes to choosing what I put on my face. I like to have glasses that are both universal and stylish. The key to choosing the right glasses for myself has always been choosing a unisex pair. I’ve found that a pair that works for both men and women gives you the perfect look and possibly even a little quirk to your style.

Currently I’m sporting tortoise Oliver Peoples, which can run you somewhere around $395, however my latest pair may be far less expensive. The Percey Striped Sassafras¬†($95) glasses by Warby Parker are both bold and beautiful. They come in either the striped sassafras (tortoise) shown above or charcoal fade. I’m digging the rounded shape of these frames and the fact that Parker keeps the frame simple with absolutely no branding at all – even Oliver Peoples includes a little branding with their token two dots on each temple.

Buy now: $95

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