Rihanna’s 360-degree music video

Dorito’s marketing team should pat themselves on the back for this campaign. With the help of some major artists they’ve found a way to make you go out and buy a bag of their chips. Here’s why.

Rihanna’s new video, Who’s that Chick, is being filmed with a new technology. The video will be presented in full 360-degrees which will give the user a feeling like no other. You will feel like you’re actually in the video.

The Doritos Late Night website will be where you’ll find the videos. Unfortunately you can’t watch it without buying a bag of  their chips. With Rihanna’s video you’ll be able to experience different each time you watch it. It all comes down to the way you hold the bag of chips. Now, you’re probably scratching your head and wondering how this all works. Well if it makes you feel any better I’m wondering myself. So if you end up trying this out please let me know how cool it was. I’m hoping to try this for myself real soon!

Good job Doritos! Clever.

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