RottenFresh Collective

RottenFresh Collective was spawned in 2008 by the creative duo Jonathan Wilkinson & Christian Orsted. Just recently they re-launched their website and new branding in October 2010. They’re expanding with an online magazine that boasts 50,000 visitors monthly, and a new lifestyle brand.

They practice their craft with this quote in mind, “With Future There Must Be Past“.

The ANTI-Collection

r/f.c doesn’t just put out a collection to put out a collection. Their meaning behind what they do really shines through. From the quotes they choose to the type of material they use to do it. In the ANTI Collection, it really shows their potential and promising future. They explained their goals for this line on their site, heres what they said:

ANTI – “Against, Opposite, Instead Of” The ANTI collection is our interpretation of Lars von Trier’s dark and controversial film, Antichrist. Von Trier splits his audiences into extremist factions. We aim to adapt the richly painted, visually powerful and completely unnerving avant-garde film into our ANTI collection. Methods include incorporating unique dyes, special washes and hand screen printing techniques. Resulting in unique hand made t-shirts and jewelry made to be worn & admired.

Be sure to checkout the RottenFresh Collective site to see everything else they do. They don’t just sell clothes but rather a lifestyle. I recommend reading their diary site to get inspired. It’s a collection of things they find that fuels them and keeps the creative juices flowing.

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