SpiritHoods at SXSW Style X

The last portion of my stay in Austin for SXSW was filled with some of the greatest music and films I have ever seen. I wasn’t aware I would have the pleasure of attending the Style X portion of the festival. Style X is a new part of SXSW and has great potential in the future for showcasing up and coming brands as well as promoting the current hot styles.

The one booth that caught my eye was SpiritHoods. Their style and persona were intoxicating, thus resulting in the more popular of the booths at Style X. Their animal hooded accessories are perfect for any age, giving you a unique edge in addition to your already stylish wardrobe.

The SpiritHoods clan believe in the conservation and protection of both the planet and it’s animals. They’re actively donating a portion of their proceeds to non-profit organizations that deal with wildlife conservation. They even gave it a name, Product Blue. Be sure to check out Product Blue and everything else the company is working towards by reading their blog.

Have little cubs of your own? Be sure to checkout their awesome Kids line as well! SpiritHoods Kids.

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