Tantum Faux Fur Leopard Print Pocket Sweat

Faux Fur Leopard Print Pocket Sweat

Faux fur may or may not be in, especially if that fur is leopard print, but I think I’ll make an exception for Tantum’s Leopard Print Pocket Sweatshirt. The Los Angeles based company is known for their premium quality cotton and hand-sewn tees and sweats. You can clearly see from their closeup photos that they take in account all aspects of your shirt: from the pocket to the label. I would normally be one of the last to choose a leopard print of anything, but the placement is just too perfect on this sweatshirt. If this sort of print isn’t for you, be sure to check out more of their other hand-sewn pockets in endclothing.com’s store.

Buy now: $115 USD

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