The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Leather & Leopard

The latest fall trends are starting to grace the pages of magazines everywhere and it seems like two statement pieces are going to reign supreme this season: Leather Shorts and Leopard Prints. Now I wasn’t exactly ecstatic when I started to notice this trend but it does give you the opportunity to sport a wild style day or night, and that’s always a plus. There are certain rules to follow however when it comes to trying to conquer these fall trends, they are:

1.) DO NOT wear these trends together! Unless you are using simple accent pieces you may look like a gay pride parade or a street walker…… or a street walker at a gay pride parade

Hugh you’re really helping your “I’m not gay” case. Run for your reputation SJP!!!

2.) If you’re going to wear one of these trends DO NOT cover yourself in them head to toe. High profile or wild trends are best used as accent simple pieces and up your fashion points. If you choose to take the plunge and wear them together you risk being asked to turn tricks in the back of a van.

Usually summer is the month we are given the chance to explore brave new fashions but this year its fall’s turn. DO follow these simple steps, wear your statement pieces with confidence and try not to stand on any street corners for long periods of time and you’ll look great!

Happy Shopping!

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