TOMS Eyewear

As many are familiar, TOMS Shoes is an incredible organization with a ‘One for One’ mission. Each pair of shoes purchased from the brand is matched in donation by the company. Where countless children in developing countries lack the simple gift of quality footwear, TOMS continually works to supply individuals with a great pair of shoes, reaching their 1 millionth donation as of last September. More recently (like..literally, as of yesterday) TOMS hosted an event in Santa Monica to launch their newest product; eyewear. Founder and CEO of the company, Blake Mycoskie, has a vision (pun intended) of TOMS being recognized as a ‘One for One’ company, whether that be through the purchase of shoes or eyewear. Check out the new eyewear section of their site.

Check out the introduction of TOMS new product below:

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