Top 3 Swiss Watches for Men

Guest post by Leo Parker: Leo blogs about luxury watches from the likes of Breitling, TAG Heuer and Baume & Mercier and doesn’t let the fact that he can’t afford any of these high-end timepieces get in his way.

When you think about luxury watches, chances are you will be thinking of a Swiss brand, such is their dominance of the high-end timepiece industry. So, let’s take a look at the 10 best luxury Swiss watch brands on the market:


(Watch Above – Tag Heuer Carrera / $3,500 approx).

Tag Heuer watches are utterly synonymous with the luxury watch industry and they boast so many stunning collections to choose from – the most popular of which include the Carrera, Monaco and Formula 1 collections. Don’t expect to have to remortgage your home to afford a Tag Heuer watch either – many of their breath taking men’s watches can be picked up for under a grand.


(Watch Above – Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques / $2,500 approx).

Understated style is the name of the game with Maurice Lacroix watches and this is expertly typified by their Les Classiques collection witnessed above. The Swiss watchmaker have only been in existence since 1975 which makes their meteoric rise to the upper echelons of the luxury watch industry all the more impressive – when you consider they don’t have the 100+ years of watchmaking heritage attached to the other big names in the industry.

Another area in which Maurice Lacroix watches excel is their affordability (comparatively speaking) as a large number of their luxury watches can be picked up for between $1000 and $3000. Not something to be sniffed at when you consider that some watches from Swiss watchmakers have price-tags that are 7-figures.


(Watch Above – Breitling Montbrillant / $10,000 Approx).

Breitling watches are the zenith of the Swiss watch industry and they have accomplished this through the production of truly stunning luxury watches for well over one hundred years. Founded in 1884, Breitling have a long and rich heritage of crafting highly precise and devilishly attractive watches for men and regardless of your style preferences, or budgetary constraints, you are sure to find a Breitling that fits the bill on both counts. They boast a plethora of spectacular collections, including the Montbrillant above, and just some of their most eye-catching collections include the SuperOcean, Galactic and Colt Breitling watches.

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