We Doodle! Fun for your fingers!

ngmoco:) and plusplus bring a new game to the iphone/ipad world. We Doodle is a really addictive game that brings Pictionary to the app store. Signing in using your Plus+ account you can play a random game, playing live, or play with friends. Coins and experience points are awarded based on how many games you play and how fast you attend to those games. You can play with your friends too which makes the game really awesome. All of my friends play each other and have lots of fun, however when we get a word we haven’t a clue how to draw, we just draw the word. The more you level up, the harder the words become to draw. The more coins you get, you can buy drawing helpers, from different colors, brushes, to different stencils that help. Better yet, the app is FREE! It does have ads which can be annoying, but they don’t get in the way much.

If you get the game and want to play me my user name is Ma2th3w.

Little tip, if you turn the helper off when you’re drawing, some sketches are a little clearer.

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