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Nitraid “Crazy Savannah” Backpack

Tokyo based Nitraid fuse together two themes in their “Crazy Savannah” backpack. The patchwork style is fierce, integrating different Savannah-based animals; cheetahs, leopards, zebras and giraffes.

SpiritHoods at SXSW Style X

The one booth that caught my eye was SpiritHoods. Their style and persona were intoxicating, thus resulting in the more popular of the booths at Style X.

Casey Weldon’s Four-Eyed Kittens

Artist Casey Weldon paints the cutest four-eyed kittens. You’ll be able to see them displayed in person at the Minumental exhibition at the Trifecta Gallery in Las Vegas starting today.

Cute animal throw pillows

Designer Ross Menuez has create some really awesome throw pillows. Each one is made from organic cotton and displays an animal print.