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Girl loves her cam effects a tad too much

This is why Apple is amazing. You give someone photo booth and this is what they do with it. She starts to laugh so hard you can actually see the tears come out. So hilarious!

Bad Elf gives you GPS

Have an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad without GPS? You do now, thanks to the guys at Bad Elf. They provide you with a product that’ll give you accurate GPS without a 3G network.

Adonit Writer Keyboard

The biggest downside of the iPad is typing. Even though it’s a fantastic device and probably the only touch tablet I’ll ever want to own I still feel like I’m limited to it’s typing capabilities.

Adobe plays nice with HTML5

A recent string of updates have occurred for Adobe CS5 users, enabling them easier access to HTML5. As many know Adobe has been extremely hesitant when it comes to integrating HTML5 with any of their core products.

Dock your everything Apple

Just about everything Apple will dock on this desk. It should be called the ‘i’ desk. Just look how it docks your iPhone, iPad, and even iMac so nicely. It’s a dream desk for any Apple junkie, like myself.

iPod Nano Watch Band

This little device just got cooler. Using the built in clip that comes standard on all the new iPod Nano’s you’re able to attach a wrist band quite easily.

Cassette iPhone Case

Be the most retro amongst your friends with this cool iPhone case, by Fred & Friends. It disguises your phone to be a cassette tape. Badass!

iOS 4.2 for iPad will be great!

Apple recently announced at their September 1st conference the iPad iOS 4.2 software upgrade due for November. So what are the notable things you should know?