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Steve Jobs in Carbonate iPhone Case

Blast! One of the coolest iPhone 4 cases ever is no longer being sold. Society6 has decided to take down the Steve Jobs frozen in Carbonate case.

Incase Perforated Hardshell Case

The Perforated Hardshell Case by Incase is the ideal protection for the MacBook Pro series. I’m usually not a fan of the hardshell cases that are made for Apple but this specific one has an injection-molded construction giving it a custom fit.

TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard

TK-421 iPhone ($50) case by ThinkGeek gives you another reason you shouldn’t want a Blackberry. This case gives you a QWERTY keyboard that rotates out when you need it.

Adonit Writer Keyboard

The biggest downside of the iPad is typing. Even though it’s a fantastic device and probably the only touch tablet I’ll ever want to own I still feel like I’m limited to it’s typing capabilities.

Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag

Incase partnered up with photographer Ari Marcopoulos to create a camera bag with style. They left nothing out when designing this bag.

Bamboo iPhone 4 cases by Grove

A Portland, Oregon company called Grove has created some amazing bamboo cases for the iPhone. They come in plain bamboo or for a little more money you can get an artist edition

Flash. A new case by Incase and Kishimoto

The new case from Incase, designed by Eley Kishimoto, is called Flash ($TBA) and it’s pretty loud. I love the design as well as the colors they provided; black, magenta, blue, red, gray.

Cassette iPhone Case

Be the most retro amongst your friends with this cool iPhone case, by Fred & Friends. It disguises your phone to be a cassette tape. Badass!