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Playstation Shoot by Los Angeles photographer

Playstation like many other companies are starting to realize how documentary style advertising is effective. Using Los Angeles based photographer, R.J. Shaugnessy, they were able to bring life to their product.

Fallout: New Vegas Trailer

I’m going to need some convincing for this game. The 4th installment to the Fallout franchise is on it’s way and to me looks like a load of crap.

Cut the Rope Review

Chillingo, the makers of famous game titles such as; Angry Birds, COGS, and Mini Gore, has created another highly addicting game.

Halo: Reach – Deliver Hope

Holy awesome! I’ve been out of the Halo loop since I sold my XBOX but god damn. This video looks sweet. It’s a live action cinematic piece for Halo: Reach. Enjoy!

iOS 4.2 for iPad will be great!

Apple recently announced at their September 1st conference the iPad iOS 4.2 software upgrade due for November. So what are the notable things you should know?

Super Mario Beatbox

This guy is sick! Japanese beat-boxer Hikakin owns the classic Nintendo Super Mario soundtrack using pure vocals. Check it out after the jump…