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Google’s Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review

The end of 2011 is drawing near, and I am certain you are going to hear a lot of this year’s music cut and spliced together to make a giant mix. You are going to see countless cinema or film mash-ups set to music in order to document this year’s releases.

Social Media Propaganda Posters

I have officially found what I want on my walls in my office. The Social Media Propaganda Posters were created by Etsy artist Justonescarf, and feature old school military style propaganda messages for Social Media; Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Search Google with Images

You no longer have to search Google using just words. Now you can use images to fuel your research. Just go to http://images.google.com and click on the camera to get started.

Gmail Motion

If it wasn’t for April Fool’s day I would almost believe this is a real thing Google has implemented into their ever growing Gmail service. The video you’re about to see or may have already seen is brilliant.

Google celebrates your birthday

Google is no longer celebrating just celebrity birthdays like John Lennon’s. They have a special surprise for you when you login to your Google profile, as long as you filled in your birth date on your personal page.

Google iPhone App Now Does Push

Google has just recently updated their iPhone App to now receive push notifications for Gmail and Google Calendar, directly from the App.