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John Houshmand’s Low Table

Talk about a dream table. John Houshmand’s Low Table is a remarkable piece of furniture. It’s made up of black walnut, with hand crafted details and acrylic legs. See more photos after the jump…

Log Chess Set by Peter Marigold

The Log Chess Set by Peter Marigold leaves me speechless. Each set is unique due to the way Marigold designed them. They’re crafted out of single branch, plywood and graphite.

The Tote for your iPad or MacBook Air

As I’ve gotten older my style has changed dramatically. I use to actually like wearing logos and large prints. Slowly I’ve strayed away from this and now prefer minimalistic designs…

Old Time Sling Shot

I remember those Dennis the Menace days when I was younger. Now you can relive it all with a handmade sling shot.