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Checkin+ for iPhone

Checkin+ is an app that will allow you to connect both your Foursquare and Facebook accounts into one app. And while there are apps already that let you check in on multiple platforms, there hasn’t been anything quite like Checkin+.

The Tote for your iPad or MacBook Air

As I’ve gotten older my style has changed dramatically. I use to actually like wearing logos and large prints. Slowly I’ve strayed away from this and now prefer minimalistic designs…

Meteor Mic

When I got my hands on the iPad 2 the first thing I downloaded was Garageband. It’s probably my favorite app currently and am constantly looking for cooler ways of using it.

3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection

Most knock-off gear doesn’t do well to the mass consumer market but I have a feeling this one will change all that. This 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection kit has a USB, SD and MicroSD slot.

Become a DJ with Djay

It no longer takes 2 turn-tables and a microphone to become a DJ. Gear up with an iPad, the app Djay ($20), and you’ll be mixing in no time.

Angry Birds Christmas Edition

Angry Bird fans, guess what? They have released the Christmas Edition that adapts your Halloween edition with snowy goodness.

Bad Elf gives you GPS

Have an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad without GPS? You do now, thanks to the guys at Bad Elf. They provide you with a product that’ll give you accurate GPS without a 3G network.