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We Doodle! Fun for your fingers!

ngmoco:) and plusplus bring a new game to the iphone/ipad world. We Doodle is a really addictive game that brings Pictionary to the app store.

Evie for iPhone

This wonderful app gives you the flexibility to command your iPhone using your voice. With Evie, you can easily tell your iPhone to call someone in your address book, dial a number (ex: 555-555-5555), listen to your Facebook news feed, find a business, or play a specific song or artist.

The Anatomy of Technology

Do you ever wonder what goes into the creation of an iPhone, xbox controller, or even an DSLR camera? We use these devices for hours each day and sometimes take them for granted for how amazing they really are.

Angry Birds Christmas Edition

Angry Bird fans, guess what? They have released the Christmas Edition that adapts your Halloween edition with snowy goodness.

TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard

TK-421 iPhone ($50) case by ThinkGeek gives you another reason you shouldn’t want a Blackberry. This case gives you a QWERTY keyboard that rotates out when you need it.


Wanna look classy and polite at the same time? Get the Phonekerchief for your iPhone. We all know it’s hard to take our hands off our iDevices but at least you can look cool having it tucked away in your pocket.