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Bad Elf gives you GPS

Have an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad without GPS? You do now, thanks to the guys at Bad Elf. They provide you with a product that’ll give you accurate GPS without a 3G network.

Cut the Rope Review

Chillingo, the makers of famous game titles such as; Angry Birds, COGS, and Mini Gore, has created another highly addicting game.

WordPress for iOS

Finally the update for WordPress on the iPhone/iPad has iOS support. It’s created to work extremely well with the iPad and it’s large interface. I however will probably use it on the go with my iPhone more then anything.

Bamboo iPhone 4 cases by Grove

A Portland, Oregon company called Grove has created some amazing bamboo cases for the iPhone. They come in plain bamboo or for a little more money you can get an artist edition

Dock your everything Apple

Just about everything Apple will dock on this desk. It should be called the ‘i’ desk. Just look how it docks your iPhone, iPad, and even iMac so nicely. It’s a dream desk for any Apple junkie, like myself.

Cassette iPhone Case

Be the most retro amongst your friends with this cool iPhone case, by Fred & Friends. It disguises your phone to be a cassette tape. Badass!

Foursquare Now Tells you when you’ll become Mayor

Were you giving hope of becoming the Mayor of your favorite watering hole like me? Well no longer do you have to be in the dark about what mayorships you are close to getting on Foursquare. Added just a few days ago to the mobile app is information about how many more checkins you’ll need to become the Mayor of a location after you checkin.