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Square on the iPad is amazing for your business

Have you ever wanted to have a POS (Point of Sale) with you whenever you were out visiting a client? How about if you owned a little coffee shop and needed to have something a little more trendy to check out your customers?

Boowhoo Adobe

I can just hear the tears pouring down from the Adobe corporate offices. Apple recently released the new App Development agreement with the release of the iPhone 4.0 OS.

My Top 5 iPad apps so far

So I have been playing with my iPad for a total of 3 days now and thought it would be nice to post my favorite Apps thus far. I’m only going to talk about 5 of them this go around because I’m sure I’ll have a ton more real soon as they start to flood the App Store.

Words with Friends

Type: iPhone / iPod Touch Rating: ***** Price: Free  (ads), $2.99 (no ads) Creator: New Toy Inc. Category: Strategy / Words...

Sick iPhone Video Mount

The OWLE Video Mount is really badass. If you’re into any type of media like I am you would appreciate this....