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Coffee Cup Lights

These are like something out of Dr. Seuss or a Tim Burton movie. The Coffee Cup Lights are a real neat way to spice up your living area.

The Titanic Lamp

I’m not sure this is the most practical lamp I’ve ever posted but it still provides the “WOW” factor. The Titanic Lamp got it’s name by.. well.. looking like the Titanic sinking into the ocean (your table).


The standard DSLR camera doesn’t come with a great onboard flash. Thankfully you can purchase this Rotolight that solves this issue. This on-board ring light has 48 LED’s that will mount to your hotshoe or through your shotgun mic giving you 50 watts worth of light…

Anemone Lamp by Artecnica

Design firm Artecnica collaborates with designers from all over, creating interesting objects for the home and office. Artecnica’s main goal when...