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Apple has a lot of cash

Apple’s recent quarterly results were record breaking. So what’s it like to be a company that has that much money? Check out this infographic that showcases Apple’s cash flow.


What better way to save up for that pretty new DSLR camera than putting your spare change into a mock DSLR? The DSLR Bank is a replica of a true Canon DSLR.

US Currency Defaced with Pop Culture Icons

This collection of images were done by James Charles. It consists of U.S. currency being defaced with pop-culture icons. Some of my personal favorites are of Yoda, the Wizard of Oz series, and Mr. T. Be sure to read the tag line under their heads. See all of them after the jump…

50 Cent’s Lamborghini Safe

This is rediculous. 50 Cent shows off what he does with his money. Puts 2 million dollars into his Lamborghini. Must be nice, man.