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Alternate Pac-Man

Alternate Pac-Man (Pac-Men)

I like to think that this is why Reddit was created. User yougruesomehare felt the urge to draw Batman as Pac-Man, and as he says, “it escalated”. This is easily one of the coolest Pac-Man fan arts I’ve seen to date.

8 bit Invader projection mapping

Pavel Novák created one of the coolest 3D map projections I’ve ever seen. Paying tribute to the games he grew up with, Pavel projects Mario, Invaders, Pac-Man, and more onto a building.

Retro White Pacman Decal

Shoutout to to the 1980’s. What better way to show off your favorite game from back in the day than to get this awesome decal for your laptop?

Pacman Nails

DIY Pacman Nails by cbm104. They even show you the step by step process of how to make your own.