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Cut the Rope Review

Chillingo, the makers of famous game titles such as; Angry Birds, COGS, and Mini Gore, has created another highly addicting game.

Hipstamatic Review

Hipstamatic ($1.99) has to be one of the best camera add-ons for your iPhone or new iPod Touch. The amount of features this app packs is amazing!

FLUD for iPad

I’m a news fanatic like most of my friends. Unfortunately the one thing I lack is the love for RSS readers. Yes I understand that most people would say I’m not a true Social Media freak if I don’t use RSS and all that it offers. However, it’s only because I simply enjoy the visual element and usually RSS strips that away.

Mafia Game

Rating: ***** You will need: Deck of cards / 15+ people (this much is necessary to make the game interesting) Creator: unknown Category: Strategy/Teamwork...