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Finger in the Nose — Clothing for Kids

Stylish French clothing company for kids, Finger in the Nose, has a great lineup for this Fall season. I wish my mother would have dressed me up like this. The clothing reminds me of a mix of Burberry and Brooks Brothers, but for kids.

Some Threadless Swag

Found some really cool Threadless swag while browsing their site. Since I typically find a ton of shirts I want to buy when looking through the site I figured I’d start compiling 3 of my favorites at the time.

Vintage New England Tees

It’s Football season baby! Today was the first kick off of the season and what better way to commemorate this day then with a Vintage New England Tee.

Death from Oil. A tribute to BP

The ever so famous oil company BP has stated they are solving the current issues with the spill. I’m sure their main concern is how much oil they’ve lost and not so much the amount of damage they’ve done to the ocean and it’s habitat.