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The Sitter: Red Band Trailer

Jonah Hill is back to his foul mouth self in The Sitter. This raunchy comedy mirrors the 1987 classic “Adventures in Babysitting”. I’m sure you can expect nothing but the worst coming from Jonah’s mouth as well as the kids he babysits. I can’t wait!

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer (Parody)

My good friend JacksFilms parodies the new ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ trailer. He says exactly what everyone was thinking while watching the original trailer, achievement unlocks and all! :)

The Killer Elite Trailer

A movie with Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert Deniro? Sign me up! The Killer Elite is based off of a true story. Jason Statham’s mentor (Deniro), aka Killing teacher, was kidnapped by Clive Owen’s character.

Fright Night Trailer

Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) is a high school senior who’s on top of the world—that is until Jerry (Colin Farrell) moves in next door and Charley discovers that he is a vampire preying on the neighborhood.

Gears of War 3: Campaign Trailer

The much anticipated Gears of War 3 has an epic trailer on their hands. As always, the Gears of War trailers consist of amazing music and sweet editing. The game looks like it’s going to be action packed! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Chainsaw Gun.

Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop Trailer

After the much publicized departure from NBC’s tonight show, Conan O’Brien went on a 32-city music and comedy tour. Filmmaker Rodman Flender’s documented it and created ‘Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop’. Catch the trailer after the jump…

Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer

The apes are back! James Franco plays a scientist who’s genetic testing on Apes causes them to become more intelligent. The movie wasn’t too exciting at first until I saw this trailer and found out that WETA Digital was working on it. Looks like it has a lot of potential.

X-Men: First Class Trailer

X-Men First Class is starting you from the beginning, before Professor X was Professor X, and Magneto was Magneto.

Elektra Luxx Trailer

Carla Gugino plays Elektra Luxx, a retired adult film industry trying to live a regular life while pregnant with the child of late rock star Nick Chapel.

Your Highness Trailer

The creators of Pineapple Express brings the dynamic duo Danny McBride and James Franco back together for Your Highness.