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Arthur Christmas Trailer

The holidays are over but what better way to get pumped for next years festivities then with a movie trailer due out a year from now?

Cedar Rapids Trailer

Ed Helm’s plays an insurance agent whom hasn’t quite grownup. He gets sent to Cedar Rapids where he meets John C. Reilly and Anne Heche at the convention.

Thor Trailer

The much anticipated Marvel Comic, Thor, is finally hitting the big screen. It’s trailer was just released and all I can say is, BAD-ASS!

Real life NFS Hot Pursuit

It’s about time they did a real life Need For Speed trailer. It’s more a teaser then a trailer but it’s super cool.

The Mechanic Trailer

‘The Mechanic’ stars our favorite import actor, Jason Statham. A remake of the 1972 film about an Elite Assasain. Ben Foster also co-stars in this action packed movie.

Battle: Los Angeles Trailer

It seems these days movie genres are really flooded. First we had the vampire genre and now the alien genre is popping up. The movie Battle: Los Angeles had it’s trailer played before the movie Skyline. Both movies are almost identical in concept yet more people seem to take to the look of Battle: Los Angeles.

Friends with Benefits Trailer

This trailer couldn’t have come at a better time. I just recently had a dream about marrying Mila Kunis. She is absolutely stunning!

Fallout: New Vegas Trailer

I’m going to need some convincing for this game. The 4th installment to the Fallout franchise is on it’s way and to me looks like a load of crap.