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The NEW Twitter

Wow. Big things have been happening over at the Twitter HQ. Recently they just released the NEW Twitter video. Apparently the new Twitter will slowly roll out to everyone soon.

Foursquare Now Tells you when you’ll become Mayor

Were you giving hope of becoming the Mayor of your favorite watering hole like me? Well no longer do you have to be in the dark about what mayorships you are close to getting on Foursquare. Added just a few days ago to the mobile app is information about how many more checkins you’ll need to become the Mayor of a location after you checkin.

How the Military uses Social Media during war

Imagine if your job entailed you sitting in front of a computer all day analyzing chat rooms, meanwhile providing feedback to Marines about roadside bombs and Taliban gunfire. This is the life of some of our Marines, like First Lt. Jamie Christopher.

Twitter un-trends Justin Bieber..FINALLY

What a little pansy. Finally Twitter has taken the necessary steps from Justin Bieber being a Trending Topic everyday. This didn’t make Justin very happy when he found out. He commented on this Twitter.

My Top 5 iPad apps so far

So I have been playing with my iPad for a total of 3 days now and thought it would be nice to post my favorite Apps thus far. I’m only going to talk about 5 of them this go around because I’m sure I’ll have a ton more real soon as they start to flood the App Store.