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Fuck the Rain Umbrella

If you live in LA you probably understand why someone would own this. Yes, we have beautiful weather almost all year round, but the moment it rains the city floods from poor sewage design and the absolute WORST drivers bless the roads.

BAPE’s 1st Camo Umbrella

Not much to say about this umbrella besides it looks sweet.. and who doesn’t like a little camo in their life? This 100% polyester umbrella features BAPE’s signature logo intertwined in the camo’s dark spots.

London Undercover and Tenue de Nîmes

London Undercover has been out for only 2 years and has made a huge impact in the design world. With designer Jamie Milestone spear heading the umbrellas with the help of Dutch denim shop Tenue de Nîmes, both have proven that their sole goal is to make premium products.