Memoto Lifeblogging Camera

Memoto Lifeblogging Camera

I love using Instagram (@JoesDaily) and Facebook to share photos, but sometimes I’d rather live in the moment than try to capture it. Meet the Memoto Lifeblogging Camera. This mini camera shoots up to 4,000 geotagged photos every 30 seconds at 5 megapixels and stores them directly onto a built-in memory card. It features an accelerometer that tells the device when you aren’t in motion so it won’t snap any unwanted photos. The Memoto is roughly an inch and a half in size and will fit onto your clothing using its stainless steel clip. When you’re done for the day you simply plug it in and all your photos are automatically uploaded to Memoto’s cloud servers where you can browse your day via app or browser.

Buy now: $250

Memoto Blue Print

Memoto Size Comparision

Three Wearing Options for Memoto

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