“The Tree” by FARM in Singapore

Singapore-based design studio FARM created a sculpture called “The Tree”. The location of this amazing piece of art is on site of the National Museum of Singapore.

I love what the studios goal was with this piece. They wanted to create a real tranquil environment for people to stop and take a breathier:

Just like in the past, as it is now, we hope this ‘Tree’ will inspire people to slow down, take a breather and simply bask and partake in this recreation of nature’s wonder.

Such a beautiful concept, something that all of us in LA should live by. If only we had a piece like this to go and drool over.


The tree was made from varying sizes of rectangles and square frames. They rise from the ground and interlocked creating a 3-dimensional space. At night the tree glows with the help of LED light tubes. If you stand under it, looking up, the lines of light give you the impression you’re looking at constellations of stars faraway.

Check out some other pictures of The Tree below.

[via Contemporist]

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