Body Weight Training Excercise Playlist

It’s never too late to get back in shape. After attending VidCon a few weekends ago I realized I needed to start cutting back on my alcohol intake and up my overall nutrition and workouts. I was lucky enough to spend time with fellow BigFrame talent, Jon aka. Fitness On The Run, and talk to him about workouts, nutrition and all the other things I should start doing better. He told me about this body weight training playlist he was putting together and how it might be a good way for me to substitute the workouts I’m use to doing: P90x and Insanity.

I’m really stoked to try out his exercises. I see many of my friends getting burnt out doing the same things month after month, so why not change it up? Jon is an awesome trainer and a great person to chat with if you have questions about fitness and nutrition. Check out his channel and make sure to LIKE his Facebook page; it’s healthy! :)

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