Bones Brigade: An Autobiography – coming out Nov 6th 2012

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November 6th 2012 will see the DVD and digital release of Stacey Peralta’s new film Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. The movie documents the story of perhaps the greatest and most influential skate team in history, the Bones Brigade. Big names from the team include Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen and of course the one and only Tony Hawk.

The Bones Brigade was formed in the 1980s by George Powell and Stacey Peralta; the latter a skateboarding stalwart of the Z-Boys – a skate team formed out of the famous Zephyr Surf Shop in Santa Monica.  If you haven’t seen it before, a great warm up for the Bones Brigade movie is Dogtown and Z-Boys – a genius documentary charting how the Z-Boys pretty much invented modern skateboarding in Santa Monica’s neglected seaside resort of Pacific Ocean Park.

Bone Brigade Cast

The influence of the Bones Brigade has been incredibly far reaching over time, inspiring thousands of skaters to push their boundaries and follow their dreams. Founding members were as young as 12 when they joined, with no expectations that a career in skateboarding could ever be possible. What they actually did was set the standard for competitive skateboarding, and discover freedom in a discipline which offers endless potential for innovation and progression.

An emotional and personal account of the Bones Brigade, as seen through the eyes of its key members, the film captures the impact that skateboarding can have on a life. For skaters like Tony Hawk it was an outlet for drive and inventiveness. For Rodney Mullen it was an escape from a rocky home life. By bringing skateboarding to the attention of the mainstream media, the Brigade opened up these possibilities to many more young people in need of a community and outlet for their creativity.

Check out the trailer and get inspired to hit the streets:

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