How Facebook got Betty White to host SNL

With the help of Facebook and countless Betty White fans they were able to get her to host Saturday Night Live. This was an amazing accomplishment and really proved the power of Facebook.

Facebook has always been known as a networking tool. With it overtaking Myspace as the number one Social Networking website a few years ago it’s grown more and more. Their biggest feature of the site is probably the fan pages. A fan can create a page that others can join. So how does this help a cause like Betty White hosting SNL?

Easy! Think of a fan page as a studios dream! Something that was created for free and is free publicity. When the creators of SNL got wind that over a half a million people liked the idea of Betty White hosting SNL, I’m sure they picked up their phones and started making calls. The idea sold it self.

After watching the episode I couldn’t be happier. They really pushed the episode to the max with an amazing cast and music performance. All the old girls were back like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Jay-Z was the performer and rocked it.

Check out Betty’s hilarious monologue below:

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