If Don Draper Had an iPad

Watches Hands Startscreen

A watch is a man’s best accessory. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you ask Don Draper what he thinks? It seems these days everyone is trying to rock the Mad Men look, but are they sporting the right collection?

Let’s pretend for a moment you do indeed have a vast watch collection, one that would make even Mr. Draper blush. Where do you keep track of all of them? Now even the watch connoisseurs of the world can say, “There’s an App for that!” Watches for iPad is a full-scale cataloguing app that allows watch aficionados a place to showcase their collections. To get started is easy:

– Download the Watches App from iTunes
– Choose your personalized design
– Save your pictures
– Add your certificates of authenticit

I know Joe’s Daily readers appreciate good design, so you’ll love Watches. It officially launched in the iTunes app store on July 31st and has already gone through an update, thus proving the creators are working diligently to improve their already beautiful work. Right now you can download the app for free and test what you would get out of it by storing one of your watches. For a one-time purchase of $10 USD (in-app purchase), users will automatically be upgraded to Watches Premium where they can store up to 88 watches and gain access to any upcoming features in the future.

Watches Still Detail view

Watches Hands Document folder


Watches for iPad screenshot

Watches for iPad screenshot

Watches for iPad screenshot

Watches for iPad screenshot


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