Orphan Boy

If you like Arctic Monkeys, you havenʼt heard anything yet. From the town of Cleethropes, Rob Cross, Paul Smith (“Smithy”) and Chris Day reminds us of how good the days of brit pop were in the 90’s. Picked up by Concrete Records releasing “Passion, Pain & Loyalty” expressing a bitter sweet symphony of music. Bitter for the longing one can hear in his voice and the sweetness of the surrounding instruments, true brit pop characteristics. “Pop Song”, first single, opens up with a steady keyboard and a real clean drums, reminiscent of Joy Division’s Stephen Morris. It conjures a nostalgic feeling to mind, it can’t be helped. The rest of the album follows and connects very well. At times you feel that punk energy building up with “Satellites. Truly looking forward when they drop by the US and future work. Check out the album and other singles.

Note Worthy: Pop Song, Satellite, Trophies of Love, Postcode, The Promise, Harbour Lights

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