Paul Reubens: Keynote Speaker SXSW 2011

One of the most anticipated keynote speakers of SXSW was Paul Reubens, aka. Pee Wee Herman. Ever since there have been talks about a possible Pee Wee Herman sequel produced by the comedy king Judd Apatow, bloggers, press, and your mom has been trying to get the story out of them. Paul states during his interview at SXSW that he is sworn to secrecy. AHHHHHH, “YOU SAID THE SECRET WORD OF THE DAYYYY! SECRECY!”.

“I would give anything to tell you right this second the plot of this movie because I’m so excited about it and it’s so phenomenal and you would laugh your asses off if I told you,” Reubens teased. “But I can’t tell. I begged Judd Apatow to let me announce it here and I don’t know why, but he doesn’t want to do that yet.”

Pee Wee’s Bike

Some notably cool things they went over during the interview was how the infamous bike came about in the Pee Wee saga. Paul tells the story explaining that he was always grouchy that everyone at the studio rode around on bikes and he was the only one that didn’t have one. One day he left the set and walked outside where he found an old school Schwinn bike waiting for him with a sign saying, “Reserved for Pee Wee Herman”. In true Pee Wee spirit, he got all giddy and ideas started to fly. Ran into the nearest office and grabbed a couple sheets of printer paper so he could jot down his new idea for his character.

Choosing Tim Burton as the Director

When it was time to create the first Pee Wee film Warner Brothers wasn’t being too flexible. Paul decided to make a list of all the Directors he fancied and gave that list to WB execs. They weren’t too fond of any of them and decided to go off of his list. He was extremely annoyed by their choices since he didn’t want to ruin the integrity of his life’s work with a Director he felt wouldn’t get it. They gave him one week to find a replacement that was affordable and available. Enter Tim Burton.

35 Years and still going strong

With 35 years of Pee Wee under his belt, Paul’s ready to keep on trucking. Being a little worried about aging and keeping his character the same, he joked about relying on computers to make him look younger then he did 30 years ago. “Of course, if we have enough budget for digital makeup”.


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