The Miraculous Enlightenment of Kenny Riordon

Can we please have a moment of silence for how awesome Virgin Mobile is? They’re just a company that gets advertising. Take the video above for example, “The Miraculous Enlightenment of Kenny Riordon”, a story of one man who loses his girlfriend to an orgy, credit card gets declined, only to find himself by learning about Virgin Mobile’s no hassle contracts. We’ve all had that moment of enlightenment before like Kenny. You know the kind, where you wake up with the same hangover you got from Kettle One that you’ve had before from cheap vodka. Why spend the extra money?

Need a little enlightenment like Kenny? Did you know that Virgin Mobile carries the iPhone now with plans starting at $35/a month? Not only is it cheap compared to your current provider, its no contract! Think about how much money you’ll spend.

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